Thursday, January 28, 2016

It Starts with a Dream ...I am so excited to start this blog. As the title of today's blog states..It starts with a dream. My dream is starting here and hopefully this blog will be the first of many to encouraging you to follow your dreams and make them happen as you follow me on my journey as I give you sneak peeks into what is coming ahead.

It's been hours..years..and a life time of wishing and hoping that one day..I would be able to say..that something I have written is in the works to becoming a reality. I can't tell you how excited that makes me feel..and a bit frightened..but in a good way :)

I owe all of this to my faithful friend..the best and most reliable friend anyone can hope to have in this world..Jesus! He truly is the source of all the strength and continued belief in his promises to me.

Those talents and abilities and dreams you have are not there by accident. You have been born for a purpose of good for this world. Don't ignore them! Reach for them. Pursue them and Believe in them.

Sometimes you will want to give up and even doubt if you have any talent at all but Pray! Trust! and Believe in those nagging aching dreams that just won't go away and go after them. They are there for a reason..explore them..see where they take may find yourself on a totally new path..or exactly where you wanted and thought you would be..but never let a dream just be another passing dream..explore it!

Today I hope you are left with a new energy of fire and zeal to explore what has been a nagging dream, talent, or longing to pursue and put it into action.

Keep Dreaming!

Inspiration w/ SB :) Have a dream filled day! Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason.

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