Thursday, February 4, 2016

Paths and Journeys

doodidooda: The Road Not TakenDoes your pathway on the journey look like this picture? You may have come to a point of decision? Great! It happens at different stages of our lives when new seasons and changes come into the pivotal times in our lives to decide where to set our focus and possible chance to dare to do something different.

Our lives are continually evolving. New opportunities..newness to explore God given talents..abilities..dreams..and purpose for who we are. So..I hope that you are experimenting with a talent..hobby that you may have put aside for  sometime..or exploring stepping out to get away from the drudgery of what you don't like and do what you love to do and make a go for something you have been ignoring..I encourage you today to let those creative vibes flow and get to it.

You never know where the road ahead will take you!

Bye Bye..I'm off to explore..Happy Exploring..Sharmaine Bernard

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