Sunday, April 24, 2016

Low on Ink

Are you low on ink yet? How many pencils have you broken or worn down to the little bitty nub of the tip? How many erasers have you gone through or pads of papers?

If the answer is zero, then you better get busy. When you are a writer, not everything you will write will be great. It may even stink but if your paper is always blank or you are staring into space then you can't even say you write. You've got nothing. You've got to start somewhere. Even if it is the worst in the beginning. Let your story unfold even from a stinky start.

I encourage all you fellow writers who are like myself at times and stare for hours thinking or write sucky first drafts only to go through pages and pages of editing to scribble and go back to it days later..Keep on writing until you run out of ink. It's the only way to get to the center of your breakthrough and find your story.

Once upon a works. Just write!

Have a finger cramping day full of words on paper. Get going and start your fantasy!

Sharmaine Bernard writing — The Poetic Fool

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