Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Conspiring to Inspire

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A day filled with color and great design. The beauty of all that we see not just in each other but in the art and creativity of a world of imagination, vision, and color blended in beauty.

All my fellow writers, painters, chalk artists, illustrators, musicians, actors, actresses, singers, dancers, whatever your craft..keep dreaming and  believing. The blessing of being gifted with an art is a sometimes perplexing but glorious sprinkle of extra spice but truly a very rewarding one. 

Look around today and see the amazing and phenomenal  beauty of the craftsmanship of God in all that he has created. Look inside of you and as your paintbrush strokes the canvas and your voice sings out or your hands play your instrument and you write another everything..see the beauty of  the master artist..God in you and through you.

Keep creating! Color the world beautiful! Mix it never know what will come up. New and glorious creations are born out of  change.

Have a magical day! Sharmaine Bernard

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