Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer Reading Goodies

Summer may be coming to an end but reading never has to. Hopefully, this summer you have had time to read at least one goodie. 

If you haven't yet read a Book Shot I recommend them. I recently read...Little Black Dress by James Patterson with Emily Raymond. Quick..Nice read. I'm going to dive into another one soon. I hope to read them all. I love short stories. Pick one up..they are for the adults of course. :) 

I've been diligently working on writing and focusing on reading too.The summer has gone by so fast.  I have several other book ideas that I am very excited about and currently tweaking. I can't wait to debut my first publication which is still to come. So lots of stuff has been brewing! Keep reading! Keep writing! Keep drawing! Keep painting! Keep singing! Keep believing! Keep dreaming and never stop creating!

Creating a beautiful world through inspiration! Sharmaine Bernard

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