Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Counting Down with Reading

Welcome to Inspirational Connections with Sharmaine Bernard.  Glad you have found your way here today. I have some goodies to share with you.

First, I hope you have been reading, creating, painting, writing, sculpting, designing, whatever your creative craft...coloring the world with rainbows and sparkles of beautiful abstract pieces of you.

As you know, tomorrow is December first. Kicking off the countdown till Christmas morning. We all know the traditional countdown with the advent calendar. How about counting it down with a book? Each day, pick a Christmas themed it to the little ones...or a Christmas themed story for the teens and adults with the Christmas spirit touching your heart to get that Grinch Bah Hum Bug Scrooge monster to be gone!

To kick off the are a couple of great children's books to start off with that will bring fun to the kids: How to Catch an Elf  by: Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton and one of my favorites Santa is coming to New York by: Steve Smallman

Each day, I will post Sharmaine Bernard's Countdown Favorite for the day until Christmas! Let's enjoy the wonderful world of inspiration, imagination, and connect together through reading.

Have an exciting and magical story  day!

Sharmaine Bernard...Keep Dreaming, Keep Believing, Keep Creating!

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