Monday, December 5, 2016

Day 5 - Paper, Stamps, and Envelopes

The North Pole is busy receiving lots of letters from girls and boys everywhere. The elves are busy helping Santa as he checks his list over not once but twice. Have you been Naughty or Nice? Hmmmmm 

Today brings us to Day 5 of Sharmaine Bernard's Reading Countdown till Christmas. Hopefully, you have been reading the countdown picks from Day 1. However, if you have just made it here and are discovering a new adventure...there is always time to catch up and enjoy some great Christmas books for the whole family and my Just for Kids Picks too! Let's get started.

Day 5 - Family Favorite Pick is A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles M. Schulz. Who doesn't like Charlie Brown or hasn't read this great one before? Charlie Brown is such a great character and you can't help cheer for him and wish him the best. The spirit of Christmas is felt in this beloved story...Joy and Jubilee with a Jingle and a Jangle.

The Just for Kids Pick is Dear Santa by Kathryn White. This pick caught my eye and it is now a favorite. It comes with paper, stickers and an envelope so children can write their own letters to Santa. Love it!! The story is just as creative. A lost letter to Santa is taken on a long journey before it is too late to deliver a very special gift. I fell in love with this pick and I hope your kids and maybe you will too.

I hope you all enjoy Day 5 Family Favorite Pick and Just for Kids Pick from Sharmaine Bernard's Reading Countdown. 

Grab your paper, envelopes, and stamps and send those letters off to Santa!!!

Sharmaine Bernard... Jingle all the Way!



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