Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beautiful Ladies ~ FYI

Welcome to Inspirational Connection with Sharmaine Bernard. I've got an awesome product to let you in on. I love sharing products that are reasonably priced, healthy for the body, and more importantly, give back to help others.

Target carries a feminine product line called L. They have organic cotton tampons, chlorine free pads, and other awesome products. They are free from pesticides, rayon, and fragrances and also many other chemicals that can irritate the body. However, that is not the best part of this line of feminine products.

L. provides a girl in need of period products in a developing country so that they do not have to miss school because of lack of feminine products. Your purchase will provide a young girl the ability to have the opportunity to go to school and receive what she needs to have dignity during the time of the month that all of us know is just a humdinger of a time for us females.

Be supportive, purchase L. products and help a girl out! You will be happy you did. Your bottom will be healthier and happier too.

Sharmaine Bernard****

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