Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fun and Sun 21

Welcome to Inspirational Connection with Sharmaine Bernard. I am so excited today. Not only is it National Writing Day. WOO HOO for us writers out there... but it is also the first day of Summer. Two awesome happenings in one spectacular day blasting off. Fun and Sun 21!

 The best thing you can do with any craft is to just do something. Whether you sit down and write one sentence, or a whole novel just explodes on the paper, or maybe you finally find the best protagonist for your story as it unfolds onto the paper...keep the ink flowing. One of my own personal quotes is: If your pen still has ink...keep aren't writing enough. by SB 

Writers keep on putting your pen, pencil, fingers to the paper/keyboard. The only way to get somewhere is to keep moving & keep doing.

Write! Write! Write! Find your story****

Run out of ink today. Sharmaine Bernard****

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