Friday, July 7, 2017

Creators Connect

Welcome to all you brilliant creators. I am glad you have made it to Inspirational Connection with SB. Are you stuck? Are you Blocked? Are you Free? Are you doing? Are you good? Are you stinking? Are you at a stand still?  Let's connect.

I think one of the most wonderful things about writing or any other craft is the path traveled to getting somewhere. Getting to the end of a created world knowing that it doesn't end because our journey in the story continues. It gives an inner joy in being in the continual bliss of creativity. Chapter after chapter. Color after Color. Good. Bad. Ugly. Great. Sucky. Short. Long. Noisy. Quiet. Scary. Lovely. All of it comes down to just opening the box of the mind. Letting the pieces of you fly out catching them onto the paper, the canvas...letting them flow and land where ever they go smiling at the imperfect perfect beauty of something never known.

We are all creators. We all have a story within us. Boxes of brilliance with shiny pieces of ourselves waiting to be opened for the world to be illuminated with variety, beauty, and wonder.

Connect! Create! Create Again!

Imperfect pieces are pieces that are seen from a different persepective put togther perfectly****By Sharmaine Bernard

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