Thursday, August 24, 2017

Authentically You

HellOOOOOOOOOO fellow creators!! Glad you are here. Inspirational Connections with SB would like to encourage you today to be true to you in all that you create. Let's get to it!

In a world that is so fast paced with being competitive and busy, being Authentically You can get lost...thus losing who you are as a creator**** leaving who you truly are behind smooshing you into something you are not****ultimately creating a Not Authentically You.

I want to inspire all of the artists in every craft to leave the competition behind****drop the fast pace of keeping up with surrounding "gotta do's", "gotta be's", and "do U"**** that's how you win****Authentically You can Only Be You****

So..throw out the this and the that of the what and how's by who and be you. Create and Celebrate your "you" in all you do. 

Here are two quotes from SB's library that I hope to inspire you today to be your awesome, amazing inspiring "YOU"****

Life is not a competition. Life is about being yourself ****for that is where you win. Be Authentically You. by: Sharmaine Bernard  

You can't leave your mark with someone else's print. by: Sharmaine Bernard 

Create! Be Authentically You! You Rock! You are beautiful! Let You Shine! Color the world Amazing! Inspirational Connections with Sharmaine Bernard

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