Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Welcome to Inspirational Connection with SB. If you have detoured to this creative corner....I hope you leave inspired to create something spectacular. No matter what your craft, there are so many ups, downs, twists, turns, swirls, and thrills along the way with a continued evolving mystery of where your creativity will sail you off to.
 If you just can't focus until that idea gets out of your brain and onto a piece of paper, you just can't eat until the lyrics of that song is complete, or your feet won't stop dancing till the last step makes your dance rock, maybe you just know something is missing to make that masterpiece pop, or you can't sleep because you are swirling in an abyss of ideas...you are an artist to the core. A creator who no matter what is going on...you've gotta get it out! GOOD! You know who you are! Now****Get it out!

The only way to get to where you wanna be is to keep on..keepin' on. When the flow seems to have hit a wall....the key is to continue to create even when it sucks. Even when something fails. Keep picking that artistic utensil up again. Write, Dance, Sing, Draw, Paint, Cook, Bake, Pottery, Instrument etc...even excel spreadsheets can be office art... impressing the corporate best. The only thing you have to do...is keep moving those swirls in your head...scoop them out...and put them onto your life canvas.

Never Give Up! Scoop and Do!  SB 

It's hard to beat a person who NEVER gives up!!!! Babe Ruth 

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