Friday, February 2, 2018

Groundhog Day & Something Sweet

Welcome to Inspirational Connection with SB ~ Happy Groundhog Day ~ Apparently, there will be six more weeks of winter....BRRRRR If you don't like winter weather ~ bundle up!

Image result for images of februaryHowdy to February ~ The Love Month ~  All the sweet treats of love are on display everywhere you go. Chocolates with nice lovable messages, candies galore with cute sayings of friendship, love, and fun, adorable stuffed animals with xoxo emblems showing affection, cards, paper, clothing, even special "I love you" socks and shirts to make your Valentine's Day special and sweet. It's so sweet in so many ways but it can be even sweeter.

Love is an action that is sweeter when not just focused on or shown one day a year ~ Love's formula for sweetness is best at ~ 7 days x 365 days = Love Always. Get inspired by your love. Get your creative imagination to work. How can you make love sweeter than ever before? Here's some top 10 love in action inspirational hints from SB to inspire the spark of love connection for your special someone. Parents, be imaginative with your kids. Kids love little cards, notes, special snacks etc...they will make their day. Here we go ~

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1 ~ Bake/Make your special someone their favorite cake, pie, cookie, dinner, cupcake, whatever you choose.

2. ~ Write/Draw/ Leave Message ~ Tell your special someone something about them you love/appreciate.

3 ~ Do something for your special someone that is in the surprise/out-of-the-box ~ use your imagination category.

4 ~ Be creative with your special someone's favorite's ~ making something different with an already favorite.

5 ~ Do something creative in the cozy, warm, relaxing, restful category...warm things up with something fuzzy, soft ~ Nothing feels sweeter than snuggly. 

6 ~ 10 ~ Five uniquely yours actions ~ Put love into motion each day. Have fun being creative ~ using your imagination to fuel the fans of love. Love is endless in how you can show it, express it, and make it unique to you for your special someone. 

Every day is a good day to love ~ Love your kids, love your pets...Get your Love on!
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Imagination ~ Love Grows with kisses and hugs ~ SB

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