Friday, November 16, 2018

Fe Fi Fo Fum Friday

Welcome to Inspirational Connection with Sharmaine Bernard ~ It's Friday...Woo reason to celebrate... just celebrate.. because the weekend is here. Winter blew in like a ferocious lion and disappeared like smoke in the wind. POOF! Gone! However, it left behind it's nippy chill as the winds blow wildly.

The holidays are quickly approaching with everything Christmas but thankfully, it seems like Thanksgiving is making a strong visible come back. It's nice to see. As the winds blow and howl on this Fantastic Friday ~ I can't help but be thankful and grateful for the weeks ahead. There is always something to be thankful for...Right? Yes! 

Whether raking, baking, relaxing or is a gift. Enjoy the present. Make Friday...Fun! Grab a hot beverage, settle into your cozy, check-out a movie, get your smile on, whatever makes your heart leap... Friday, the perfect time for fun! Carpe Diem ~ 

Have a wonderful weekend.'s a wild world of holiday bliss...don't miss it! 

On your mark...get set....GO! Color the world with beautiful YOU!

Create! Enjoy! Embrace Life! ~ SB

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