Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 ~ Fresh, New, & Clear

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to Inspirational Connection with Sharmaine Bernard ~ I am thankful you have entered my little space where creativity is encouraged and the creator is inspired to keep on pressing on, explore, and have fun with any and all artful crafts... being kind to yourself...knowing you are amazing...so color the world with beautiful YOU!

It is exciting when a new beginning is up ahead. Just like a new book with the story yet to discover, a new year, a new pair of comfortable soft shoes, a new direction, turning the pages of the old to step into the new...whatever your "new" is for you... job, opportunities, relationship, ideas, experiences, etc...make 2019 count being kind to you. Taking care of yourself. Shaking up the same and rolling into something new, fresh and exciting.

Each day is a gift. The gift of doing something different, something that matters, something that leaves the sparkling sweetness of sensational in the world.

2019 remains to be seen. Open your heart... Believe!

The page has been turned. A new year is here. The story is yet to be told. Write your story on the page of each new day, step by step... make the story amazing, let the story go places you never went before, give yourself 365 days of wonder, let the story of 2019 be the best it can be, let it be written by you for you!

Thank you for detouring here. If you are returning, I am grateful you have returned as a new year begins. If you are new and have wandered here by some strange event, I hope this new pathway will inspire you to create, stretch and step out with a clear fresh focus. 

May you be inspired to create, turn the page on the past, start all things new, look ahead to clear paths and most importantly...May 2019 be life-changing. Discovering new depths of YOU! 

Image result for images abstract artExplore! Experience! Encounter Excitement! Cheers to 2019!  

Inspirational Connection with Sharmaine Bernard ~ 

Connect! Create! Get your inspiration on ~ **********SB**********


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